FlavorsCDThis marked the first and only Java Jel CD, following the previous releases, which were all on cassette.

The CD featured songs off the cassette tapes from the 10-year period of 1988 to1998, plus four fresh tunes recorded with now-deceased drummer Andy Morris of Philly. His talent is sorely missed.

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Published and copyright 1998 Java Jel, Coffee Time Records ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Enjoy some JAVA today! FREE DELIVERY on all orders $20 minimum. https://javajel.com

Graphic concepts by The Boerum Hill Publishing Company At The Kane Foundation for KANDUCO Industries

Words and Music by Java Jel except: 9 music by Java and Aku; 3 words by Java and Casteneda; 8 words by Java and Randy Shantz; 10 words by Java, Nick and Kol with music adapted from Panta De Lanca; 13 music by Java and Cordisco; 14 written by Ernesto De Curtis; 16 music by Java, McMullen and Aku.

Recorded from 1988 to 1998 in Newark, Del.; Doppler Effect Productions Studio in Astoria, Queens; Far & Away Studio in Goshen, N.Y.; Stolen Moments studio in Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. and elsewhere. Songs mixed by Kol Marshall, Vito Luizi, Joe Kelly. Engineered by Geoff Gray, Kol Marshall, Roger Hoilman, Vito Luizi and other folks. CD mastering by Paul Ruest of the Argo Network, N.Y.C.

Thanks to Jennifer May, Joanne, Teresa, Theresa, Angela, Ian “Crank” Donnis, Bhubby, Paul Ruest, Jeff DeVito for airplay in Tokyo, Alaska, and wherever; Debbie Bailey Rider, Christopher Gelsi, Joe Rooney, Jeff Russian, Howard Cass, Joe Kelly, Joe Gelsi, Ralph Amelio. Thanks again to all the musicians who put with me for all those years and Jel Heads everywhere.

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