javalava-coverRecorded in 1990-91, released in ’91.


Always into summer, I recorded a solo beach rock effort, JAVA LAVA with Kol Marshall. The cool tune DANGEROUS CURVES from this session is featured on FLAVORS. The tape was recorded in New York, but produced in Jacksonville, Fla. Robert McMullen, a graphic artist and musician, did the excellent art work for it. It’s not as heavy as surf punk, but I tried to tap into that vibe a bit.

Credits: All songs by Java Jel except Wipe Out, Under the Boardwalk and Summertime. Java Jel on guitar and vocals. Kol Marshall, keyboard on Summer Boho
Recorded around 1990 in NYC


On The Beach

Dangerous Curves

Summer Boho

Penny Pump


Ocean Friend

Subway Surfer Boy

Wipe Out

Surfer Woman

Under the Boardwalk