Steve Gelsi/MarketWatch at the 2008 Financial Follies

Hey man, it’s Java Jel. Here’s a great gig I did playing Johnny Cash, Elvis and Uncle Sam at the 2008 NY Financial Follies event at the Marriott Marquis. I usually try to do original tunes, but the gig called for spoofs of cover songs, so that’s what I attempted to do. Chris Morino at MarketWatch producer and engineered the video.

Meanwhile, work continues on my new album of original tunes with producer KOL MARSHALL under two working titles, Java Jel Jellin, or Java Jel Hey Man! As of late December 2008, I’ve pretty much wrapped it up by adding stacks of Java vocals to tap into my Beach Boys obsession. What the songs lack in flashy lead guitar, they make up with great drums, bass and lots of vocals — plus plenty of hooks I hope. The album marks the 20th anniversary of my very first studio recording, Java’s Jesus Jam. It sounds pretty good. We’ll finish up mixing soon and get it out on I-Tunes.

After this, I’m done for the time being and will try to write a book instead or something.