Partial Circle Sky Reunion, Mike Culhane update

Mike Culhane, an old friend, recently resurfaced. A great musician who played on “Rain Forest” and inspired me with his wonderful devotion to Paul McCartney and George Harrison, Culhane is still going strong in the music world after relocating to Northhampton, Mass., the well known Republican bastion. (I’m kidding about the GOP part.) Here’s a note he dropped me recently after I asked him if his old band from 1980s Boston, Circle Sky, will re-unite:

Mike: “Reunion I wish. Life is very short and goes fast. Maybe a couple of us at my solo show this Saturday here in the BAY STATE.”

So his answer was a partial yes about the reunion. I’ve observed over the years that folks who play music together stay together. I reunited with Kol Marshall after 20 years of collaborations, as well as a recent effort with some of my old buddies from Florida in a project called the RIPE. Work friends tend to drift off, but music friends are forever. I also contacted an old friend from Florida, Debbie Rider, who is still singing her heart out on cruise lines.

Mike was also pleased that “Rain Forest” still kicks around on Greasy Kids Stuff:

Mike: “Glad “Rain Forest” is still in play, that was fun.”

He rocks.