NY Times song

Here’s a tune called NY Times — about the decline of newspapers and how everyone is too busy spewing anger and celeb gossip to bother with yesterday’s news in the newspaper. Why is everyone on the Internet so angry? I guess bbecausethey spend too much time on the computer and not enough time outside. Joe and Dominic played up the song as a 60s Motown girl group mash-up with a nice back beat and doo wop groove. The version coming out on the upcoming Javalicious CD channeled the song, “You’re so Good to Me” by the Beach Boys with a la la la la thing going on. Anyway, now that I’m going digital I think it’s a big deal, but I’m just an old dad now and no one cares about guys my age putting out new music. It doesn’t matter because sooner or later I’ll start to figure this out and get maybe like at least five hits. I think you need I-Tunes software to listen to this.