Pie a la Mode Song 2016

Here’s a picture of Aku and me in Pescadoro, California in October. We were working on a new song:

Pie A La Mode

Where the rubber meets the road
Where the tracks flatten the toad
Where they sell pie a la mode
Where you haul a heavy load

Beyond the asphalt grave
Within the smoggy shade
Behind the miles you made
With your sweat and with your name

And on and on you go
You heart will never know
A place to sit and rest
From the life that’s just a mess…

Across the muddy creek
All the mysteries you seek
But the murky creek won’t speak
Of the empty dreams you seek

Oh the tear that’s on your cheek
Just a drop into the creek
All your work and all your dreams
Wash away into the stream

Aku on guitar as we try out the Pie A La Mode song in Pescadaoro, Calif.