Secret fan calls Java sweet and fresh

I’m so obscure as a singer songwriter I don’t even think I exist. Despite my failed attempts to grow more digitial via a slick myspace page or even a bare bones I-Tunes page, JavaJel nevertheless lives in the overlooked corners of the Internet. While I struggle to get my dumb songs out on the Web, my JAVA JEL FLAVORS CD somehow made it onto some used-CD Web site. I guess there must be at least 500 of the 1998 CD floating around out there after I’ve given them out to friends and not so friends over the years.

I had 1,000 made, and still hold onto about 50 or 100 of them at the most. I think I trashed a box or two of them — sorry.

Anyway, I was thinking about my song, SuperModel Tyranny and did a google search on the term just for fun. The first thing that came up was a Web site called Poetry Connection, which was somehow selling Flavors for $4.52.

I was kind of flabbergasted to see this, since I had nothing to do with it. Someone even wrote a really nice comment and gave me five stars! A secret fan! I have no idea who this person is!

JAVA JAMMIN JEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hey, who is this guy? He is great! Where can I get more? I love it, my wife love’s it , IGUANA LOVE RULES!!!! And how can you beat track 12-say’s it all about going home! Fresh, New, Sweet, Hip, Just Drive, Keep up the good work, Java!!!

That’s excellent! Well to satisfy you, oh secret fan. I’m a mild mannered financial reporter by day who’s been writing songs on the side for about 30 years, making me about 46 now. Dude I’m old yet I’m fresh and sweet. Excellent!