Piano cover tunes

the-dar-12While it’s great to write original songs over the years with input from friends and fellow musicians, playing “Blueberry Hill” and “Walk on By” on the piano can’t be beat either.

Unlike my tunes, these songs have been recorded by real record labels and picked up by dozens if not hundreds of musicians, musicals and movies. Some of Java’s sentimental favorites include “Be my Baby” by Ronnie Spector, “Pleasant Valley Sunday” by Carol King, “Umbrella” by Rihanna, ” and “Lovin Cup”, a more obscure song by the Rolling Stones off of their “Exile on Main Street” album.

Hmmm, if I keep working on these, maybe I should record them if they get good enough. It was fun to play these and others at Temple Beth-El in Jersey City back in January, when I opened up for “The Lonesome Prairie Dogs” featuring Lenny Kaye on pedal steel. All good times!